The Kids Will Be Worn Out Before the Surface Is

Playground Grass is ideal for active children in Abilene, TX

Developed by ForeverLawn, Playground Grass was created purposely for kids to play on. It’s not the same synthetic turf you’ll find on football fields or in a yard. The kid-friendly surface is:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Long-lasting
  • Cost-effective
  • Exclusive SafetyCel™

It’s also soft enough to fall on and holds up well to the constant traffic of little feet. Learn more about Playground Grass by contacting ForeverLawn West Texas today.

Install Playground Grass in West Texas

As parents, you’d prefer your kids enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment. You don’t want your children eating the little rubber pieces or sand typically associated with artificial grass products. You also want to know they’re safe should they fall.

Playground Grass has fall zones safety-rated for 13 feet. It’s also created with antistatic technology so kids with pacemakers don’t have to worry about being shocked by the turf.

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